is an online gaming universe made of real-life charitable projects.

Through players will experience the trials and tribulations of working through out the globe in the non-profit sector. Players will be given the opportunity to develop projects of numerous charitable organizations and contribute to their causes with the money/points gained through their online gaming.

How does it work?

When players reach their in-game goals, they gain points. These points are converted into Ugivia dollars, which players can donate to any project on

What is is the non-profit side of It profiles projects of different charitable organizations where donors may purchase items or players use their Ugivia dollars to build each project virtually. The completion of a project online signifies the appropriate amount of funds raised to begin real-world construction.

How will Ugivia raise money to convert points into Ugivia dollars?

Through in-game advertising, will allocate a portion of advertising revenue to match players points. Players may also have the option to upgrade or buy items to help them complete their project at any point during the game. Both forms of income will build Ugivia dollars and help people give back!

How will we spend your money?

Through your contribution, we will be able to hire a staff of 4 for three months to complete production, and launch Ugivia on Facebook and on, and create an app for mobile devices.

With In-Game Advertising,
your brand is part of the positive social change
In Game Advertising

Ugivia brings gaming and giving together.

In-Game Adversiting (IGA) or advergaming is highly appealing not only for advertisers but also for gamers. They are not interrupted with ads that constantly pop up taking them away from their game. They are engaged in their task and rely on your product in their virtual reality to help them complete their mission.

Your Product + Ugivia = Social Change

Players will use your product while they work towards a greater social change. The points that they earn are equal to real dollars that your brand supports.

We will customize your product across both of our platforms ( & and collaborate with your team to meet your products full potential.

Lindsay Hampton

Lindsay was born in Canada and spent a lot of her youth with her extended family in Mexico. Lindsay's studies and career took her on many different paths. She received a Diploma in Photojournalism in 1997, followed by a Certificate in Ophthalmic Assisting in 2004, and a degree in Communication Studies in 2008. She spent eight years working in eye diagnostic imaging at SickKids Hospital in Toronto, while donating her time to lend those skills around the world. Lindsay's main motivation behind the creation of Ugivia is to help her foundation ( and other organizations with their fund-raising goals, while allowing them to spend more of their time on the actual cause.

Agnes Salek

Agnes is a graduate of Sheridan College's Classical Animation Program. She is originally from Poland and came to Canada to study animation in 2006. All of her family still resides in Poland as she is trying to make a life for herself in this new country and in the wonderful industry of animation. Agnes had interned in studios of both classical and stop motion animation and has been involved with a couple freelance animators whom she has helped on their projects. She has also interned in an architectural company in Germany. Agnes loves travelling and meeting people and putting both of those things into her art for others to see.

Sophia Park

Sophia is studying Computer Science at University of Toronto. After working at a non-profit organization for a year, she joined Lindsay's foundation SoKidsCanSee, donating her time and skills. She now volunteers for several non-profit organizations in her spare time, mainly as a web developer. Sophia is a freelance web designer and developer and has been involved with various projects. Starting from May, she will be interning at Environment Canada as a software developer. Her innovative thinking and a keen sense of what's practical and doable in terms of technology are priceless.

Ruchika Rastogi

Ruchika was born and raised in India; the use of art has been a key to the manifestation of her thoughts. She came to Canada in 2003 to study Crafts and Design - Ceramics at Sheridan College and graduated with an Adv. Diploma in 2007. An interest in cartoons and animation led her to explore cartooning and graduated from Vancouver Film School's Classical Animation and Digital Character Animation Program. Upon meeting Lindsay through a mutual friend, she was very impressed by the thought of being able to help communities and decided to be part of Ugivia project.

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